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I think and feel in colour and want to help you enhance your space through charming, original art & design. My work is bold and intuitive, yet thoughtful and contemplative. Think Parisian pied-à-terre meets Scandinavian aesthetic. I believe those quiet but profound moments in life are the most powerful. Welcome to my world.

Gina Clark

More About Gina
  • Katherine Z.

    "Gina's art is soul-moving in a way that lifts spirits and makes you smile! I love having her special piece in my space."

  • Erin P.

    "I got these cards in the mail today, I just love them! They are beautifully done, the design is so versatile, great for any occasion, and so much more special than a drug store greeting card. "

  • Kate M.

    "The colours and textures in this print are just gorgeous. Exactly what I needed to brighten up my space."

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